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Gas industry is doing its job; Greens will do ours

The gas industry is only doing its job in advocating for the best outcome for its bottom line, the Australian Greens said today, Monday 11 April 2011

“Of course CEOs like Don Voelte will use their public positioning to protect their bottom line,” Australian Greens Acting Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

“That is their job, while the job of the Greens – and the parliament – is to weigh up all claims on finite revenue from carbon pricing and balance the needs of the entire community in the national interest.

“The gas industry claims that, because it pollutes less than coal, it should pay nothing for its pollution. Black coal could make the same argument about brown coal, while brown coal claims it should be sheltered so as to keep the lights on.

“If you take this argument to its logical conclusion, nobody will take any responsibility for pollution and we will all pay the price of climate change.

“If we put a price on pollution, the logical outcome is that industries that are relatively less polluting will face a lower cost than those that pollute more.

“It is worth noting that recent studies of coal seam gas, in particular, suggest that its life-cycle pollution may in fact be worse than that of coal.

“Australia should be planning to transition to the 100% renewable energy future as swiftly as possible instead of developing new fossil fuel industries.

“Finding a middle ground as we move towards a truly principled approach on compensation should be a high priority for the Multi-Party Climate Committee.”

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