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May Day Censorship at Chinchilla

Coal seam gas protestors who had been given permission from organisers to march as part of Chinchilla’s May Day parade were blocked from entering the Chinchilla Showgrounds where the May Day celebrations were held.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, who had marched with other Queensland Greens members in the parade as part of the Lock the Gate contingent, said the commercial sponsorship of the Chinchilla May Day events had turned the important democratic celebration into a farce.

‘The response of the public lining the streets of Chinchilla to the parade was mostly positive, it was the parade marshals who soured events by blocking the coal seam gas protesters near the showground gates.

‘So far the Queensland Gas Corporation have been given extraordinary powers by the state government to access land ahead of the rights of the landholder, and now their commercial interests in the town of Chinchilla have led to a pathetic censorship of community concerns.

‘If days of historic significance, such as the winning of trade union rights and of an eight-hour day, are sold to multinational companies as “sponsorship” we will soon see more than censorship of protest in a country town.’

About ten members of the Queensland Greens chose to march alongside the Lock the Gate contingent in the Chinchilla May Day parade following their participation in the Rock the Gate festival at Tara.

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