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Gas blowout proves Qld Govt must follow NSW lead

The gas blow-out at one of Arrow Energy’s gas wells near Dalby is further proof that gas wells cannot co-exist with rural residential estates or closely settled farming areas according to the Queensland Greens. The well which exploded up to 100 metres in the air and which is continuing to shoot to 40 metres is on a farmer’s property on the Kogan-Condamine Road.

Last Friday the newly-elected New South Wales government announced a 60 day moratorium on further coal and gas development in that state so that regional planning could be undertaken.

‘The Queensland Government has suspended any meaningful planning over regional Queensland and allowed another company, QGC, to place gas wells in the middle of a heavily-wooded residential estate,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, pointed out this morning following the company’s release of the news of the blow-out.

‘There are 2-3,000 families including young children living on the residential estate.

‘The Queensland government has been so determined to push the development of this dangerous and irresponsible industry that all rational planning has been swept aside.

‘Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before there would be a major blow-out.

‘What is particularly disturbing about this announcement is the revelation that this is in fact the fourth occasion on which this particular bore has blown,’ Dr Connors said.

‘The Greens have been calling for a moratorium on coal and gas developments for months now and it is a call that has been supported by landholder and primary producer groups.

‘If the government of New South Wales can impose a moratorium, there is no reason why Queensland cannot also.’

Dr Connors was arrested while trying to block the laying of gas pipelines through the Tara residential estate in April.

‘I was trying to explain the potential effects on children as the police closed the paddy wagon door on me.

‘Let’s hope the government will now call a halt to expansion while all the health and hazardous implications are assessed, before there is loss of human life.’

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