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Resources Council and Greens find something to agree on

The Queensland Greens agree with the scientific team commissioned by the Queensland Resources Council which found that the criteria for the state government’s Strategic Cropping Lands were not reliable but say they continue to support protection of agricultural lands.

‘Clearly protection of cropping land is going to come down to on the ground assessment making the lack of certainty for farmers, even if they live in recognised strategic cropping protection areas, unbearable,’ says Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors.

‘As we have said before, we are also worried by the overly bureaucratic process proposed for the SCL assessment process.

‘Where we do not agree with QRC is that the strategic cropping land process is about “locking away land from development”.

‘This is insulting given that the only industry that completely destroys land for further productive use is the mining sector.’

‘Let’s knock this silly discourse from the mining industry on the head right now.

‘It is the mining sector which is locking up the lands of Queensland forever and why we need broader strategic cropping land criteria capable of protecting the mere 4% of lands in Queensland that are defined as suitable for cultivation.’

Dr Connors said that the Greens had other concerns about state government policy development.

‘There is the usual confusion and attempts at appeasement of both community and mining interests by the state government with its policy processes.

‘It is ludicrous that the state government has a deadline on responses for the SCL at the same time it is running a policy discussion on Food Policy for Queensland with a deadline of 15 August.

‘The two policies should be considered in tandem but because of the ‘rip it up and ship it out’ mentality of the coal and gas sector and the state government’s subservience, government just keeps playing catch up.’

Farming and community groups can still make submissions about the process up to Wednesday 25 June and the Queensland Greens are urging community groups to do so.

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