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Qld Govt must follow NSW lead on extended CSG moratorium

Premier Bligh should listen to her conservative counterpart in New South Wales if she wants to restore her popularity, according to the Queensland Greens.

The Greens were responding to news that the New South Wales state government has now imposed a six month moratorium on fracturing in the coal seam gas industry in that state.

‘It is very clear that community anxiety about the coal seam gas process is building everywhere,’ Queensland Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today.

‘Barry O’Farrell is moving slowly but at least he is listening to community concern about the many, many scientific unknowns about the whole process.

‘We have been warning the Labor Government in this state for months about the threats that this industry poses to inland water sources, to rural residential communities and to coastal marine life.

‘Without a moratorium there is no opportunity to explore the threats before further irreparable environmental harm is caused.’

Dr Connors said that she was concerned that the Premier was not acting because of the complicity of so many members of the LNP in the coal seam gas sector.

‘It does look like the two major parties are in a race to the bottom in Queensland and it is beginning to look like neither of them can pull out of their love affairs with coal and gas before the state election.

‘But this latest moratorium decision is by a Liberal Premier, and there is growing opposition among federal LNP members as is evident by the position being taken by LNP representatives on the Senate’s Transport and Rural Affairs Committee currently investigating the social, environmental and economic impacts of CSG mining in Australia.

‘The conservatives are beginning to fracture in response to the deep feeling in the electorate, including urban seats, where the Queensland Greens are likely to be the beneficiaries of community opposition.

‘Anna Bligh and the Queensland ALP need to act now rather than risk being seen to be worse on the environment than the LNP.’

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