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Campbell’s promises on CSG too vague – we need to see action this parliament

The Queensland Greens has responded to Campbell Newman’s claims that he will boost landholders’ rights in relation to coal seam gas development on their lands.

‘We need to see action in this Parliament not just vague promises about what Campbell Newman might do in the future,’ Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today.

‘So far the LNP’s voting record on coal seam gas and mining developments has been all one way in favour of the industry.

‘Their most famous betrayal of their rural constituents was when they voted with the ALP to amend and negate Aidan McLindon’s motion calling for a moratorium on coal seam gas development in November 2010.

‘Now Campbell Newman implies there has been a change of heart – well we need to see evidence of it in this parliament in order to build faith with voters and to bring some real debate to the floor of the Queensland Parliament on this issue.

‘How else can Queenslanders trust a party that has been so confusing and inconsistent about where it stands in relation to coal seam gas mining.’

The Greens also called for more detail from Queensland opposition leader Campbell Newman on his promise today to establish a Land and Water Commission to allow landholders to refuse coal seam gas mining on their land and protect the best of the best farmland.

‘We welcome Campbell Newman’s foray into this area, but Queenslanders will want to see the policy detail from him on whether all of our precious food producing land would be protected, not just the 1% being promised by Anna Bligh.

‘There are also questions about how his Land and Water Commission differs from the existing Water Commission; whether towns like Acland would be safe from coal mines; whether his policy abandons rural residential communities on poor country such as at Tara and how he can address the issue of groundwater depletion,’ Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said this afternoon.

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