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Bligh can’t cherry-pick CSG impacts

Picture by Greenpeace

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has again demonstrated that her allegiance firmly lies with gas companies over primary producers and everyday Queenslanders.

“Ms Bligh’s recent comments defending coal seam gas and attacking the Greens, enforces her determination to press ahead at break neck speed with this controversial industry.” Queensland Greens spokesperson Jonathon Dykyj said today.

“Clearly the Premier is on the back foot given the widespread community angst over this issue and the fact that coal seam gas is now firmly on the national agenda.

“But let’s just put the issue of emissions to one side for a minute and take a look at the other impacts of the CSG industry:

  • millions of litres of toxic waste water filled with a dangerous cocktail of chemicals;
  • massive amounts of fresh water used in the process;
  • the threat of contamination of ground water, including the Great Artesian Basin;
  • the destruction of prime agricultural land and ecosystems from the wells and associated infrastructure;
  • threats to the Great Barrier Reef from massive port developments and vast increases in shipping traffic.

“If you contaminate or depressurise any aquifer or the Great Artesian Basin for goodness sake, it can never be repaired.

“What these impacts amount to is a totally unacceptable risk to our long term food and water security and our biodiversity and ecological assets. Let alone adding to them, with what we consider, a large amount of emissions. ” Mr Dykyj said.

“The question is why risk our water and soil assets, the life blood of rural and regional Queensland (not to mention a critical food source for the rest of the country and the world), for an industry that has such a relatively short life span and to which there are alternatives?

“So let’s look more closely at these cumulative impacts as well as the issue of full life cycle emissions. The Greens are standing up for the agriculture, tourism and renewable energy industries here, and until more is done to prove CSG safe for the long term, the Queensland Greens reiterate their call to the ALP and LNP to implement a moratorium on the coal seam gas industry at once.”

Listen to Jonathon’s interview on ABC radio here

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