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Greens protest the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere


Turning Central Queensland into a giant pit
Today a group of Green protesters gathered in Bowen to draw attention to the latest addition to Bligh’s plan to develop Queensland coal resources: Adani Enterprises Ltd’s $10 billion Carmichael Coal and Rail Project.

Located approximately 160 kilometres to the north-west of Clermont, the project lies within Isaac Regional Council, Mackay Regional Council and Whitsunday Regional Council areas. Carmichael Coal Mine will be 50 km long and biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere.

The Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail project comprises of two major components: a greenfield coal mine being both open-cut and underground mining, and associated mine processing facilities, and a railway line for transporting coal to export port facilities at either, or both the Port of Abbot Point or the Port of Hay Point (Dudgeon Point).

“What we have here is equally the world’s largest coal mining operation, shipping coal through what will be the world’s largest coal loading facility, through the Great Barrier Reef the world’s largest coral reef. It is a recipe for a disaster, said Maria Macdonald, Coral Coast Greens spokesperson.

The proposed mine is expected to produce 60 million tonnes per year of product coal at peak production. The project has a potential mine life of 150 years, including construction, operation and closure. Export coal from this project will predominantly service the Indian market.

The Greens oppose this development because

  • - the Carmichael Coal mine will produce far more greenhouse gasses in Australia than Gillard’s carbon tax will reduce
  • - escaping wastewaters from the the Carmichael Coal mine will flow to the Great Barrier Reef
  • - the Carmichael Coal mine poses a direct threat to endangered species i.e. black-throated finch
  • - the Carmichael Coal mine will destroy valuable grazing properties through massive open cut mining and the proposed rail corridor

Coal dust from the stock piles at Abbot Point will provide a threat to small cropping in the Bowen District in addition to posing a serious to the respiratory health of the people of Bowen and surrounding areas.

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