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MEDIA RELEASE: ‘Who wants CSG?’ campaign launch

Everyday Australian people, tired of industry increasingly using big-budget campaigns aimed at deceiving Australians on issues of critical importance to Australia’s future, decided to spend a weekend building a more honest version of the ‘We Want CSG’ campaign website, which has now just gone live

Produced by the Australian Parody Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), the apolitical campaign will show how coal seam gas today presents one of the greatest threats to regional communities throughout NSW and Queensland at a time of economic and environmental insecurity.

For an initial period of 4-5 weeks, the ‘Who wants CSG?’ campaign will highlight how APPEA uses dishonest PR tactics to cultivate a sense that CSG is green, can work with agriculture, and is a safe energy source

The ‘Who wants CSG?’ campaign is not backed by any of Australia’s largest energy companies (including AGL, Santos, and Origin Energy, or by major foreign investors such as BG Group, Arrow Energy, and ConocoPhillips). Instead it’s backed by everyday people appalled at the breathtaking stupidity that is CSG.
Who wants CSG?

For media enquiries email safetodrinkcampaign@gmail.com, tweet @safetodrink, or visit http://safetodrink.good.do

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