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Campbell Newman proves he will not stand up for the environment

Drawing by 13yo Mia Stone

State spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Libby Connors, has slammed Campbell Newman’s commitment to revoke protection of four wild rivers in Cape York if an LNP government is elected.

‘Campbell Newman has proved he will be an even more aggressive proponent of mining and gas development than the present irresponsible Labor government.

‘The main threats to the Cape York rivers are from bauxite and coal mining although coal seam gas developers are also moving into north Queensland.

‘Campbell Newman will be a tool of the big miners.

‘This revocation will take out the Steve Irwin reserve that Terri Irwin fought so hard to protect from mining and lead to the destruction of a precious wilderness area.

‘The voters of Brisbane need to understand that Campbell Newman will not stand up for our precious rural and environmental regions against the big miners.

‘If you want a state government that will stop the rash and irresponsible mining and gas rush that is harming our economic future they must vote for a minor party.

‘At this election the Greens are presenting a responsible mining policy that will not harm other essential economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism and education and provide balanced economic development.’

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