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Exclusion of the Greens from leaders debate is disappointing

NO CSG mining in the Scenic Rim

State spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Libby Connors, has expressed disappointment that a leaders debate in the lead up to the state election is going to exclude any third voices, especially that of the Greens.

‘It is great that The Courier-Mail has initiated this debate. The state is certainly at a cross-roads in its economic direction and we think it is crucial that the Greens’ concern about excessive dependence on mining and gas be part of the debate.

‘By only having Campbell Newman and Anna Bligh in a debate, these fundamental concerns emanating directly from the community are excluded.

‘Both Bligh and Newman have made their support for this sector clear and so the harmful consequences to our farmers, to our fisheries, to our tourism and to our water supplies for western Queensland will simply not be effectively canvassed.

‘The Greens have expressed concern about the irresponsibility of damaging other economic sectors for the sake of this unsustainable, multinational dominated industry since the latest coal and gas rush commenced.

‘It is exciting to see economic scholars reinforcing our message that the two-speed economy is likely to wreak havoc on much that Queenslanders hold dear about living in this state.

‘The Queensland Greens deserve to be included in this debate so that it is a meaningful exchange about the state’s economic future not two leaders acting as proxies for one sector which is favoured with many indirect tax-payer subsidies and whose value is over-inflated.’

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