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Major parties think they can bribe electorate into accepting bad coal and gas developments

The Queensland Greens say that announcements by both major parties today indicate they are not stepping back from full commitment to the mining and gas sectors but believe they can bribe Queenslanders into accepting the loss of basic resources.

‘On a day when the news from Gladstone Harbour continued to belie the reality of massive marine deaths, we have both major parties offering inducements in exchange for continued all-systems-go for the mining sector,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said today.

‘They seem to believe that if they press on with their plans to alienate our prime agricultural land and our precious water resources that the community will accept the long-term losses to the state’s wealth.’

The LNP today promised the community of Gowrie Junction near Toowoomba that they would be protected from mining at the same time as Campbell Newman was objecting to more strenuous environmental testing by the federal government of csg projects.

At the same time Premier Anna Bligh announced a proposal to use 50% of csg revenue to fund education for Queensland children.

‘We are living in a first world country with a long and proud tradition of access to public education from the primary to the tertiary level. Now suddenly the Premier thinks we should be impressed by a plan to guarantee future education funding.

‘Has management of the state’s finances now been so bungled that the next generation can no longer take quality primary, secondary and tertiary education as a right?

Is the premier suggesting we have to sell off the state’s birthright of rich soils and quality groundwater to educate our children?

‘Our parents’ generation were able to provide quality educational services from a diversified economy.’

The Queensland Greens were also highly critical of the LNP’s promise to the residents of Gowrie Junction.

‘There is no way the rich soils and closely settled community of Gowrie Junction should ever be vulnerable to coal mining.

The LNP are expecting to be applauded for acceding to a really basic right of the community – to enjoy their rural landholdings free from the pollution and disruption of coal mining.

‘The Greens will be impressed when the LNP are prepared to say the same things to the mining sector in Brisbane.

‘So far they have promised a community here and a community there that they will be protected while at the same time also promising the board rooms their full support.

We need to see the draft legislation before we can be sure who is hearing the truth.’

The Queensland Greens say that they are the only party going into the state election with a Responsible Mining Policy and that they are committed to a balanced economy.

‘We recognise that farming, fisheries, tourism and international education are all value-adding sectors and founded on many small businesses.

‘They are all suffering from the onslaught of the mining companies but the political leadership of this state wants to go with the big boys rather than stand up for Queensland’s more sustainable sectors.’

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