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Greens welcome debate over education

ALP and LNP vision for the Whistudays

Queensland Greens Candidate for Whitsunday Jonathon Dykyj welcomes the visit of Deputy Premier and Treasurer Andrew Fraser to the Mackay and Whitsunday region to discuss, amongst other things, the Bligh Labor Governments new education funding program. Mr Dykyj hopes this visit will spark greater scrutiny of every party’s education policies.

“The Greens have had a long standing commitment to adequate funding for a top rate public education system here in Queensland.” Mr Dykyj commented yesterday.

“It is extraordinary and disturbing however to find out that the only way this Government can manage its’ books in order to achieve this fundamental outcome is to use the short term proceeds from an industry that is highly controversial and threatens our most precious resource of water!” Mr Dykyj continued.

“So what Andrew Fraser and the Government, including Tourism Minister and Member for Whitsunday, Jan Jaratt is going to be saying now to all the concerned farmers, land holders, fisherman and the community at large is, ‘If you are worried about coal seam gas, then you are against kids getting a decent education’.”

“Well, the people of this region are smarter than that and they will see this bogus policy for what it really is.” Mr Dykyj continued.

“I say to voters if you want a decent education for the next generation and appropriate protections for our agriculture and tourism industries from a rampant coal and gas addicted Government and Oppostion, then vote 1 Greens at the next election.”

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