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Environment Minister caught out twice in one day on CSG water

Queensland’s novice Minister for the Environment Vicky Darling admitted in an evening news interview that she was unaware that her department had approved the discharge of treated csg water to the Condamine River (and Murray Darling system) which is harmful to aquatic ecosystems.

On the same day she issued a press release that misrepresents the csg companies’ capacity to reinject produced water into aquifers.

The Queensland Greens say that it is further proof that the coal seam gas industry is racing ahead of the government with ministers unable to comprehend the responsibilities they have to monitor the industry.

A recent QGC submission to government makes the statement that:

  • “While it is technically feasible in some circumstances to re-inject water produced as a result of coal seam gas extraction, this is unlikely to be possible in most cases.”
  • “Re-injection in the same location as the water is drawn from is even less likely to be possible.”

Yet the minister’s statement today makes the broad claim “Under the draft policy injection is the first priority – either as injection where treated CSG water is pumped back into the groundwater system or through virtual injection where treated water is provided directly to water users.”

‘It is further proof of how out of touch the Queensland Government is with what is opening on the gasfields of the Darling Downs as well as with public opinion,’ states Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors.

‘Public knowledge and understanding of the issues appears to be way ahead of the minister’s.

‘The Queensland Greens have frequently pointed out that “reinjection” is just another “suck it and see” approach from the government.

‘The minister does not know or understand the technical aspects of this industry or even seem to know the content of industry documents submitted to her own department.

‘A moratorium might give a few government frontbenchers a bit of time to learn about the industry and catch up with other Queenslanders’ general knowledge.’

The minister’s statement on the evening news is available at:


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