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A govt that cannot manage Gladstone has no right to destroy Abbott Point

The Queensland Greens say that the Premier’s announcement of massive expansion of Abbott Point coal terminal should chill the heart of anyone concerned about Queensland’s fisheries, tourism and environment.

The Premier has released plans to massively expand the Abbott Point port to nine terminals with a capacity of 385 megatonnes per annum making it one of the biggest coal terminals in the world.

‘This will mean the destruction of this beautiful part of the Queensland coast setting it on the same downward path as Gladstone,’ according to Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors.

‘We are still waiting for scientific results of the massive fish and marine mammal deaths in Gladstone.

‘If the scientific panel decides they have all been due to the January floods then we have clear evidence that our marine environments no longer have any resilience to deal with natural events.

‘It means we need to re-think the sort of coastal development that has so weakened our very special marine wildlife.

‘Capesize tankers will require massive dredging of coral reefs offshore from Abbott Point and an enclosure of more than 580 ha of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

‘This government is killing the reef and no amount of biodiversity strategizing can offset the destruction that this government is causing by its encouragement of the resources boom.

‘Capesize tankers earned their name because they are too large to pass through the Suez canal; now the Premier wants them to traverse our precious northern reef waters.

‘Where is Vicky Darling our Environment Minister when madcap schemes like this are being facilitated?

‘Where is Craig Wallace our Fisheries Minister? Is he going to stand by while our natural fisheries are further degraded?

Dr Connors said that this Labor Government would be viewed by future generations as the worst environmental vandals in the state’s history, blinded by the income from a boom that is destroying everything that makes Queensland special.

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