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CSG regulation far from robust

Claims by mining barons at this week’s International Gas Symposium that the coal seam gas industry is already extensively and robustly regulated are nothing but hot air, according to Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters.

“The spurious claims from CSG executives about how safe and well regulated the industry already is are laughable, and show how out of touch they are with the concerns of Australian farmers, communities and even the International Energy Agency,” said Senator Waters, an environmental lawyer of ten years’ experience.

“The coal seam gas industry has poured its money into PR and spin trying to buy community support instead of cleaning up its act, and both levels of Governments seem unwilling to hold them to account.

“The newly announced federal scientific advisory body is designed to be toothless, and Santos has now revealed that the Federal Government has assured them that the new body won’t delay any coal seam gas operations.

“And now the Queensland Government has announced it will throw millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money at CSG industry development, which would be better spent on studying whether CSG is safe for our water and our land.

“This flies in the face of the Senate inquiry’s report released last week, which backed my earlier call for a moratorium until we have a better scientific understanding about the long-term impacts of CSG on our water resources.

“Governments should represent community interests over the private profits of multi-national CSG companies.

“The Federal Government should back both my CSG bills to better protect our land and water from this risky fossil fuel industry.”

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