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Mining and gas expansion will lead to further job losses

Australian Bureau of Statistics employment figures for Queensland which were released yesterday and show that more jobs were lost in Queensland than created are no surprise, according to the Queensland Greens.

‘Each time the Premier or Treasurer announce some new mining or gas drilling development in regional Queensland, it increases uncertainty for existing agricultural and tourism sectors,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson, Libby Connors pointed out.

‘Why would anyone invest in agriculture or related agrifood businesses when the Premier publicly states that she intends to protect only ‘the best of the best’ of Queensland’s cropping lands?

‘We’re in the midst of a good rainfall season but these major sectors of the Queensland economy are being hemmed in by new coal mines and gas wells in the state’s richest agricultural lands.

‘The outlook is not much better for tourism. The Australian dollar is one factor but so is the expansion of coal ports north and south of Queensland’s finest coastal resorts in the Whitsundays and proposals for coal mines and coal seam gas near Wide Bay.

‘No tourists want to view the beautiful Queensland coast through coal heaps, coal dust and gas infrastructure.’

‘Reckless expansion by one sector of the economy is endangering and narrowing the state’s economic base but both major parties have no vision about how to develop a diverse economy in a post-carbon world.’

One Response to “Mining and gas expansion will lead to further job losses”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Considering we are selling off Queensland’s assets and thus income base, what income alternative will we have to accepting what the mining giants want if our State Government is to survive financially? What has Anna & her followers sold us into? Now is the time to rethink our style of government & consider what is more important to the survival, resiliance & sustainability of our population & our environments. Who do we need to turn to?
    The Greens have some of the answers already; but our Indigenous folk & their elders should be consulted to ascertain what initiatives they wish to put in place & if they will join with the Greens to look for avenues to find a way out of this dilemna.

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