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Laws left behind by CSG rush

The decision of the Dalby Magistrates Court to find Drew Hutton, president of the Lock the Gate Alliance, guilty of obstructing the operations of a coal seam gas company was proof that the law is stacked in favour of the fossil fuel giants, according to the Australian Greens.

“This judgement shows there is an urgent need for reform, as the law is allowing CSG companies to ride roughshod over the environment, farmers and communities,” said Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson.

“This is why my Landholders’ Rights bill, giving landholders the legal right to lock their gates against coal seam gas if they choose to, is so necessary.

“The community will be asking who should be in the dock, when Mr Hutton was trying to protect our land and water from long-term damage from CSG, and the CSG company was illegally clearing land in breach of their conditions – the federal Environment Minister should be investigating the actions of Queensland Gas Company immediately.”

The Court also did not allow the consideration of environmental evidence, including the potentially devastating impacts of CSG on the environment, water resources and agricultural land.

“The foreign-owned CSG companies have more rights than Queensland’s natural environment or Queensland farmers,” Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

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