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Fracking pollution danger proven a reality

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US proving beyond doubt that coal seam gas fracking has contaminated water resources in Wyoming should be a wake up call for Australians, according to the Greens spokesperson for mining Larissa Waters.

“Coal seam gas is gambling with our water, our environment and our land, and we all stand to lose,” Senator Waters said.

“While Australia’s hydrology is different to America’s, we can’t assume it won’t happen here – in 2009, fracking by the Queensland Gas Company accidentally contaminated the Springbok aquifer in the Western Darling Downs.

“Just this week, the Queensland Water Commissioner admitted that ‘our knowledge in this space is evolving’ – in other words, we have no idea of the damage CSG will cause to our complex groundwater systems.

“And the national chemicals regulator NICNAS admits it’s still not clear what chemicals are being used in fracking here, and hasn’t assessed the danger these toxic chemicals pose to public health.

“This report is an urgent wake up call for all parties to adopt the recommendations of the recent Senate inquiry report, and back the Greens’ call for a moratorium on CSG until the science is in.”

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