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Mining towns unaffordable for communities while magnates get handouts

Queenslanders in mining towns are increasingly unable to afford housing and other basic necessities while the Labor Government continues to defend its planned tax cuts for big business and mining magnates, according to the Greens.

“Instead of addressing these cost of living issues and helping ordinary Queenslanders, the Australian Government is instead planning to hand back a big chunk of mining tax revenue back to big mining companies which are creating these problems in the first place,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

“BHP Biliton announced a profit of $23 billion, half the state budget of Queensland – the Australian Government must explain to us why big mining companies and mining billionaires like Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart need more money, when Queenslanders are struggling to afford somewhere to live.

“The Greens’ proposal would keep tax cuts for job-rich small businesses but ditch the tax breaks for big business, saving $16 billion over the next ten years – that’s $16 billion extra that could go towards transport, education, health or dental care for all Australians.”

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