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Queensland Government must not approve second mountain of salt

The Queensland Greens have joined a number of environment and community groups in lodging objections to the Arrow Energy Surat Basin Project EIS.

‘This will be the fourth major coal seam gas project for southern Queensland,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors pointed out.

In August 2011 the Senate’s Rural Affairs and Transport References Committee heard evidence from the industry about the volume of salt to be produced from their gas extraction.

One company alone, QGC, has estimated its Queensland gas wells will produce 4.62 million tonnes of salt.

‘This latest project is of a similar scale. If approved it will easily take the volume of salt to be produced from wells within some of the state’s best cropping and grazing land to 10 million tonnes.

‘Queensland’s approval of the first three projects without taking cumulative impacts into account was ridiculed by Senator Heffernan, the chair of the committee. He speculated that QGC’s volume of waste salt equated to a pile that was 11.3 kilometres long, 20 metres wide and 10 metres high.

‘Well if Arrow gets the go ahead, we can double that mountain,’ Dr Connors said.

‘This data led to Senator Heffernan telling NSW departmental bureaucrats, “we don’t want this to happen in NSW … I wouldn’t like that on my landscape.”’

‘The Queensland Government must act in the interests of all Queenslanders and deny approval to a company that has no solution to the problem of agriculture-destroying salt.’

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