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Senate Inquiry into air pollution open for submissions


Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, said today that the Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry on air quality will focus on the health impacts of coal.

“Coal dust is a very real threat to human health,” said Senator Di Natale.

“The mining, transportation and combustion of coal can lead to serious health impacts for workers and surrounding communities. People can suffer diseases like asthma and even lung cancer as a result to fine coal dust particles.

“The health impacts of coal have been ignored for too long and it’s time to have a detailed at look at the evidence . Last year I secured a Senate Inquiry into the health impacts of air quality and that inquiry is now open to submissions.

“I want the other parties to study the evidence and listen to the experts but I also want them to hear from affected communities. I hope the inquiry will be able to hold hearings in places around the country where the impacts are felt very acutely, places like the Hunter, Gladstone, La Trobe Valley and Port Augusta.

“Protecting the health of Australians should be of paramount importance to the parliament. The other parties can’t afford to ignore the health impacts of coal any longer.”

For more information on the inquiry please visit http://greensmps.org.au/airquality

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