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Palmer all talk and no action on mining impact concerns


Clive Palmer’s apparent concerns about the impacts of coal seam gas are at odds with his own large-scale use of the gas for his nickel refinery and his plan to rip up the Bimblebox Nature Refuge for a massive coal mine, say the Australian Greens.

“As a major coal seam gas customer, Clive Palmer can’t be taken seriously when he says he’s worried about the industry’s impacts on the environment and people,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“If Mr Palmer is that worried about human health and the environment, he shouldn’t ignore his own impacts as a mega coal mining baron.

“Mr Palmer’s plan for a massive coal mine in the Galilee Basin will rip up the Bimblebox Nature Refuge – an 8000 hectare remnant patch of native woodland, which serves as an invaluable habitat refuge for native wildlife, especially for birds, including the endangered Black Throated Finch.

“The 40 mega-tonnes of coal exported by Mr Palmer’s massive mine each year will significantly contribute to global climate change, intensifying extreme weather events and putting lives and the environment at risk across the globe.

“What’s more, Mr Palmer’s masses of coal will be exported through the Great Barrier Reef, turning this World Heritage Area into a shipping super highway.

“The current oil spill in the Coral Triangle in Indonesia is a stark reminder of the dangers of shipping dangerous cargo through fragile, precious reef ecosystems.

“If Mr Palmer was genuine in his concerns, he would stop driving up demand for coal seam gas as a major customer and would put an immediate stop to his plans for his massive coal mine in the Galilee Basin,” Senator Waters said.

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