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Urgent need for Moratorium on Coal Seam Gas Mining Industry

Protest at Queensland Parliament House

The evidence & history of Coal Seam Gas mining industry practices across North America are becoming public knowledge.

After attending the screening in the Nambour Cinema, of the documentary ‘Gasland’, – on the above topic, I was even more shocked to realise that none of the mining companies was accountable in any way for the devastation of the environment, including previously productive farmland, & affecting the lives & livelihood of countless communities. The only concession seemed to be supplying drinking water to those with a poisoned water supply.

Following the film –showing, Drew Hutton from Friends of the Earth spoke of the same process already begun on the Western Downs, which provides us with some of our richest agricultural land. The Mining Companies, protected by State legislation, have extraordinary rights to enter land for exploration & mining, disrupting farm operations.

Underlying this is the inevitability of polluting & destroying the Great Artesian Basin.

CSG mining destroys the integrity of underground structures. The blasting of several hundred toxic chemicals into the ground causes massive fractures, – (fracking), & carcinogenic substances, such as benzene & toluene, can poison water sources for hundreds of years. Human & animal health is destroyed, as well as living eco systems.

The lifespan of the CSG industry is a mere 20 years. At what cost???

Are we seeing that the Government & the Opposition are only concerned with the next election & jobs are the big ticket item? After the initial construction phase, the jobs will drop 80% & much of the land will go out of production permanently.

This situation is not acceptable.

The Weather Bureau has been announcing that because of Climate Change causing the rise in sea temperature, the storms & rain patterns will be more severe, hence more frequent & widespread floods. Why are we considering the continuation of an industry which is known to exacerbate this situation?

Eve Plant
Maroochy Greens

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