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‘Suck it and see’ not good enough, Minister

The ABC 4 Corners program on the gas rush taking place in Queensland and other states did not add anything new to the public debate but it is a useful reminder of how useless the Queensland Government’s many environmental conditions on the gas companies are.

Spokesperson for the Toowoomba Greens, Libby Connors, said the government has thrown the precautionary principle out the window. ‘The Minister for Natural Resources, Stephen Robertson, expects the companies to report problems to the department.

‘Landholder Anne Bridle proved that the gas company QGC had contaminated a bore and not reported it for thirteen months, provided a description of the used chemicals that were ten years out of date and non-compliant with Australian standards, and that despite much work at the site the company had still not confirmed whether it had successfully repaired the damaged well.

‘The minister had no answer but that it was still being looked into it.

‘What the program did not explore is the fact that while the Queensland Government sells out our best agricultural resources, the LNP opposition is cheering them on.

‘The parliament has failed us and Queenslanders now have to join the many community groups which have formed to oppose these developments from the grassroots and which the program failed to cover.

‘Toowoomba Greens will be just one of many participating groups at the national Lock the Gate action, Tara 2011 Festival for the May Day long weekend.’

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