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Greens call for better return on mining tax

Greens Leader Bob Brown today condemned the Treasurer’s decision to stymie any increases in state taxes on mining.

“This decision by the government to accept the Argus report is another dip into the ordinary Australian taxpayer’s pocket to featherbed further the big mining corporations who export a great deal of that profit overseas. It is wrong,” Senator Brown said in Canberra.

“Compared with Treasury’s original advice, Australian taxpayers are going to miss out on more than $100 billion worth of education, health services and infrastructure spending. The Tony Abbott option loses taxpayers more than $140 billion.”

“Our future economy is at stake. The economically responsible approach is that being advocated by the Greens – securing a decent return on non-renewable resources that belong to all Australians.”

“Saying to the states, ‘well, you can’t increase royalties,’ is going to cost the taxpayer. We will continue to campaign against this in the public and the parliamentary arena.”

“We may end up with the federal taxpayer subsidising the states. The big mining companies get off scot-free. In the end, Parliament will decide if the patched-up deal between the government and the high-polluting, highly profitable mining companies stands,” Senator Brown said.

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