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Newman’s adviser is bad news for rural communities and the environment

Campbell Newman is currently campaigning to win a state seat and lead the LNP to government at the forthcoming state election.

‘The current parliamentary leadership of the LNP has been distressingly half-hearted in its defence of rural communities facing gas wells and bore water contamination from a rapacious gas industry,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said today.

‘This is set to worsen with Campbell Newman reportedly recruiting a Queensland Gas Company spin doctor to lead his election campaign team.’

The links between the LNP and the gas sector are already notoriously close. Former national leaders John Anderson and Mark Vaille are both directors of the Eastern Star Gas company which is exploring for coal seam gas in rural areas of New South Wales despite widespread community protests in that state.

‘Queensland Gas which is actually owned by British Gas has huge investments in the southern parts of the state and its pipeline set to bisect a residential estate near Tara is currently the subject of an environmental blockade.

‘Campbell Newman publicly needs to support rural and environmental groups’ call for a moratorium on any further coal seam gas development in Queensland.

‘He also needs to disclose to Queensland voters any other sources of influence from the coal and gas industries on the LNP.

‘Failure to do so will leave voters concerned that the LNP has been as completely captured by the CSG industry as it has by coal mining interests.’

‘We have a state government that is simply ignoring the climate crisis and developing fossil fuels exports at an obscene rate and an opposition that doesn’t understand what the fuss is about.

‘Most Queenslanders feel sickened by this bipartisan irresponsibility towards the planet.’

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