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“Victory for Tara” – message from Drew Hutton

March 31st, 2011
I don't think it is too big a call to claim victory for the Tara blockade. The police have packed up their gear and moved out and British Gas (QGC) have all but stopped work. What finally pulled them up was that our lawyers presented QGC with a letter on behalf of the landowner complaining that they were breaching their contract with him by having road and… Read More

Drew Hutton arrested at Gas Pipeline blockade

March 28th, 2011
Drew Hutton, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth and leading campaigner for the national Lock the Gate campaign, was arrested this afternoon. In a heavy-handed police action, forty police moved on to private property to shut down the blockade camp on a landholder’s property. The landholder was unhappy with his treatment by the gas company and had invited the blockaders onto his land. Drew Hutton has refused police bail conditions that he not return to the property or nearby public roads. The… Read More

Newman’s adviser is bad news for rural communities and the environment

March 26th, 2011
Campbell Newman is currently campaigning to win a state seat and lead the LNP to government at the forthcoming state election. ‘The current parliamentary leadership of the LNP has been distressingly half-hearted in its defence of rural communities facing gas wells and bore water contamination from a rapacious gas industry,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson… Read More

Greens call for better return on mining tax

March 24th, 2011
Greens Leader Bob Brown today condemned the Treasurer's decision to stymie any increases in state taxes on mining. "This decision by the government to accept the Argus report is another dip into the ordinary Australian taxpayer's pocket to featherbed further the big mining corporations who export a great deal of that profit overseas. It is wrong," Senator Brown said in… Read More

‘Suck it and see’ not good enough, Minister

March 9th, 2011
The ABC 4 Corners program on the gas rush taking place in Queensland and other states did not add anything new to the public debate but it is a useful reminder of how useless the Queensland Government’s many environmental conditions on the gas companies are. Spokesperson for the Toowoomba Greens, Libby Connors, said the government has thrown the precautionary principle out the window. ‘The Minister for Natural Resources, Stephen Robertson, expects the companies to report problems to the department. ‘Landholder Anne Bridle proved that the gas company QGC had contaminated a bore and not reported it for thirteen months, provided a description… Read More

Gas Rush

February 23rd, 2011
With access to guerrilla activists and their undercover filming, Matthew Carney reports on the coalition of farmers, local townspeople and even a corporate titan who want to halt Australia's gas rush. Imagine you are running a successful farming operation; then one day a man from the gas company arrives with news that a coal seam gas field… Read More

Urgent need for Moratorium on Coal Seam Gas Mining Industry

February 23rd, 2011
Protest at Queensland Parliament House The evidence & history of Coal Seam Gas mining industry practices across North America are becoming public knowledge. After attending the screening in the Nambour Cinema, of the documentary ‘Gasland’, - on the above topic, I was even more shocked to realise that none of the mining companies… Read More

Bowen group calls for rigorous investigation into proposed Coal Seam Gas industry

January 31st, 2011

A Bowen community-based organisation is appealing to the public to support the call for a balanced and rigorous investigation into the emerging local coal seam gas industry. The group – Residents Action Association (RAA) – has screened the compelling and award winning film Gaslands to packed audiences at Bowen and Collinsville after concerns of water table… Read More

Big Gas to exploit Queensland’s need for disaster relief revenue

January 30th, 2011
Heard of Coal Seam Gas ... sounds a decidedly dull topic, right? Well, Queenslanders, sit up FAST! While Queensland is still reeling from severe flooding, plans for a local ‘Gasland’ (Josh Fox's documentary title) are about to unfold RIGHT HERE. Oil Giant Santos has struck while the iron is conveniently hot to capitalise on the $16 billion CSG… Read More

Greens join call for judicial inquiry into Queensland floods

January 19th, 2011
The Queensland Greens are supporting the call for a judicial inquiry into the handling of the Queensland floods as long as the inquiry has appropriately wide terms of reference. Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said her party would want the inquiry to focus particularly on the issue of planning for strategic river catchments and floodplains and how this could best take account of the uncertainties presented by climate change. “We are not suggesting an inquiry is needed because of mismanagement by the State Government or its various bodies,” Dr Connors said. “By and large Queensland agencies seem to have responded well to the crisis… Read More

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