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NSW Liberals, Nationals and Labor vote down farmer’s right to say no to coal seam gas

May 29th, 2013
Milne and Buckingham

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham has condemned the Coalition and Labor party for failing to support landholders’ right to say no to coal seam gas. Greens MP Jamie Parker moved in the Legislative Assembly amendments to the Petroleum (Onshore) Act that would have legislated the right for landholders to refuse an access agreement to a miner to enter their land. The amendment would have scrapped the compulsory arbitration… Read More

Greens say NO to coal seam gas

May 20th, 2013
CSG-scarred farmland

Senator Christine Milne today announced the Australian Greens policy for no new coal seam gas and empowering land holders to say no to coal seam gas on their land. "The Greens are the only party standing up to the big coal seam gas mining companies who are threatening our precious water, valuable farmland and global climate," Greens Leader Senator Milne said. "Coal seam gas is methane which is a potent greenhouse gas and is leaking from wells… Read More

Shonky CSG approvals undermine Queensland’s future water supply

April 1st, 2013

Revelations today that the Queensland Government did not properly assess the impacts of major coal seam gas projects prove we need federal protection for water supplies, say the Australian Greens. ABC reports show there was not enough time or information for staff to assess the environmental impacts of Santos' and Queensland Gas Company's coal seam gas projects in Southern Queensland. “Coal seam… Read More

Greens congratulate protest shutdown of Whitehaven’s Tarrawonga mine

March 11th, 2013
LeardForeset Greens NSW Senator and forests spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has congratulated Front Line Action on Coal for today’s action at Whitehaven’s Tarrawonga Mine, a proposed development which will destroy 150 hectares of both prime farmland and state forest. “Today’s action is needed because of the failure of the federal and… Read More

Shenhua coal mine a make or break test for O’Farrell’s Strategic Regional Land Use Policy

March 10th, 2013

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham claims assessment of the Shenhua Watermark coal mine proposed for the highly productive Liverpool Plains area would be a make or break test of the O'Farrell Government's Strategic Regional Land Use Policy, and if the mine is approved it would represent a policy failure. The Read More

Coal dust testing shows need for Senate Inquiry

March 8th, 2013

An alliance of 18 community groups, the Coalition Terminal Action Group, today released the results of community-funded testing of air quality in residential areas along the coal corridor in the Hunter. Australian Greens health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said the results show precisely why the Greens-initiated Senate… Read More

Detained for taking photos of Brisbane coal piles

March 7th, 2013
Brisbane coal piles

Four Queensland Greens members were detained at the Port of Brisbane at the weekend and told to delete photographs of themselves in front of coal piles. A photo still exists (see left). From left to right: Greens Members: John Heussler, Dave Nelson and Joanne Bragg. The group had been collecting complaints from nearby residents and businesses about the impacts of coal dust from uncovered train wagons, trucks and piles. “The Greens are trying… Read More

Senate Inquiry into air pollution open for submissions

February 27th, 2013

Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, said today that the Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry on air quality will focus on the health impacts of coal. "Coal dust is a very real threat to human health," said Senator Di Natale.… Read More

Miners get millions in taxpayer-funded handouts to destroy Tarkine

February 24th, 2013

The mining industry has just secured a $4 million subsidy from the Federal Government to destroy the Tarkine. "Not only has Minister Tony Burke rejected the heritage council advice to list the Tarkine for its fantastic natural values but Julia Gillard has decided to give $4 million to support this mining venture to make it economically viable to trash the Tarkine." Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Christine Milne… Read More

CSG mining in Downey Park, Brisbane

February 24th, 2013

Definitely worth a re-post! Read More

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