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PR spin on coal seam gas to be closely watched

September 5th, 2011

Any false claims made by the public relations campaign to put a positive spin on coal seam gas will be immediately reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters said today. The campaign was announced yesterday by the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA),… Read More

Greens protest the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere

August 30th, 2011
  Turning Central Queensland into a giant pit Today a group of Green protesters gathered in Bowen to draw attention to the latest addition to Bligh’s plan to develop Queensland coal resources: Adani Enterprises Ltd’s $10 billion Carmichael Coal and Rail Project. Located approximately 160 kilometres to the north-west of Clermont, the project lies within… Read More

Survey shows majority want coal seam gas moratorium

August 26th, 2011
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
An overwhelming number of Australians want a moratorium on the coal seam gas industry, according to a new Galaxy poll released by Australian Greens leader Bob Brown and Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters. The poll of 1,048 people showed that 68 per cent of Australians support a moratorium on coal seam gas (CSG) until the full health and environmental… Read More

Coal dust health concerns for Mackay

August 24th, 2011
Coal dust choking the Hunter Valley
The issue of the health impacts of coal dust has been raised again, this time in the State Parliament. Vaughn Johnson, LNP Member for Gregory, spoke in Queensland Parliament last night saying that "coal dust will be a… Read More

Bligh can’t cherry-pick CSG impacts

August 21st, 2011
Picture by Greenpeace
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has again demonstrated that her allegiance firmly lies with gas companies over primary producers and everyday Queenslanders. “Ms Bligh’s recent comments defending coal seam gas and attacking the Greens, enforces her determination to press ahead at break neck speed with this controversial industry.” Queensland Greens spokesperson… Read More

Coal seam gas is coming to North Queensland

August 17th, 2011
CSG wells across the Darling Downs
“Coal seam gas is coming to North Queensland,” Jenny Stirling Greens spokesperson for the Queensland Greens warns. “As of June 29th 2011 there are now state government approvals for exploration by Qld Coal around the Pentlands district west of Charters Towers, Hughenden and Richmond which is in line with… Read More

Protection of towns a good start

August 15th, 2011

The Premier’s announcement today that urban areas above a population of 1000 residents will be protected from coal and gas exploration leases is a good first step towards protecting Queensland communities from the health and environmental threats posed by these rampant industries, Queensland Greens state spokesperson, Libby Connors, said… Read More

Campbell’s promises on CSG too vague – we need to see action this parliament

August 14th, 2011

The Queensland Greens has responded to Campbell Newman’s claims that he will boost landholders’ rights in relation to coal seam gas development on their lands. ‘We need to see action in this Parliament not just vague promises about what Campbell Newman might do in the future,’ Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today. ‘So far the LNP’s voting record on… Read More

CSG companies hid evidence of water contamination for 25 years

August 10th, 2011

The Queensland Greens state that disturbing evidence from the United States today about the thirty year legacy of oil and gas drilling there has many lessons for Queensland. A United States Environmental Protection Agency report on the Management of Wastes from the Exploration, Development, and Production of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Geothermal Energy was just published… Read More

Another win for agriculture and tourism jobs over coal mining

August 10th, 2011
Eugene Von-Guérard, Fern Tree Gully, Cape Otway Ranges, c1879
The exclusion of coal and coal bed methane from Mecrus Resources' exploration licence application is a big win for regional Victoria's agriculture and tourism industries,… Read More

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